Crip Video Productions
Independent films by Margot Cole

Crip Video Productions' mission is to make short independent films that increase understanding of disability through engaging characters and story telling. The films are created by people with disabilities for everyone to enjoy. All films are written, directed, and produced by Margot Cole. We collaborate with able bodied people and people with a variety of disabilities for the sake of simply telling a good story. We mostly work with people who have physical disabilities. We do our best to make the films accessible by adding open captions to the films for the deaf and hard of hearing. Although we would love to accommodate people with moderate to severe mental disabilities and add audio description to the films for the blind we are simply not set up to do so at this time. Crip Video Productions is an online project we do for fun. We are not an official organization. We do NOT receive any kind of funding or grants from the government or elsewhere. We do NOT seek to profit from the films in any way. We try to produce the highest quality films we can on a low budget. Most people working on the films donate their time out of the kindness of their hearts and work pro bono for which we are forever grateful. We follow the necessary precautions of filmmaking and have full permission to use all the locations seen in the films. Check out all of our films! Learn more about our work on the "About" and "News" sections and check out/follow our Tumblr blog which chronicles our story from the very beginning, as well as our Google+ page. All films are fully copyrighted to Margot Cole.

"A Stroke Of Endurance" Review

November 24, 2017: The brand new Crip Video Productions film "A Stroke Of Endurance" just got a wonderful review! Special thanks to the writer of this review at "Halfway Up Rysy Peak. GeoPoliticallyCorrect" for his tireless support of our work. (More)

KCC Diversity Festival 2017

October 30, 2017: Clip Video Productions was once again invited to the KCC Diversity Festival. We originally planned to screen the new film "A Stroke Of Endurance" for the festival but since "A Stroke Of Endurance" is not released yet we came up with the plan of showing "Drama Sighted" and a few, brand new exclusive promotional clips from "A Stroke Of Endurance". (More)

"A Stroke of Endurance" technical difficulties

October 11, 2017: Just like during the production of our film "Only Those Who Limp Allowed" I had a computer hard drive failure and had to get another computer which may slow the release of "A Stroke Of Endurance" because I may have to relearn some features on my new iMovie version. (More)

Crip Video Productions Director Margot Getting Quoted Via Twitter

September 21, 2017: Crip Video Productions director Margot getting quoted via twitter by VSA arts Texas from the article she did for Disabled Spectator. (More)

"A Stroke of Endurance" music

September 16, 2017: I am creating the music for "A Stroke of Endurance" with my composer Walei Sabry. This time because of technical difficulties we used Google Hangouts instead of Skype to do our work. (More)

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