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Only Those Who Limp Allowed

Only Those Who Limp Allowed ©2013 Margot Cole

Only Those Who Limp Allowed Open Captioned ©2013 Margot Cole
This version of the above film is open captioned for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Synopsis: The sequel to "Drama Sighted". Brandon, now 23, is adjusting to life with a roommate named Randy who also has Cerebral Palsy after breaking up with his girlfriend. Randy sets Brandon up on a blind date in an effort to help him move on. Tensions arise as conflicting thoughts on disability, dating, and identity are brought into the open.

Please note: The use of the words "Gimp", "Cripple", and "Crip" (which is a shortened version of the word cripple that people in the disability community use to as a slang term to refer to the physically disabled such as the characters in these films) is not meant as an offense to anyone physically or mentally disabled, or associated with these films or otherwise. All of the actors in the film are disabled in real life. This film is for educational and entertainment purposes only. We apologize for any camera shaking or any problems with the captions.

A Crip Video Production

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